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Generating Sample Data for Testing

Throughout the process of developing a solution, testing each aspect of your file is vital.  For me, the problem I always used to run into, was generating enough sample data to properly test my scripts, calculations and performance.  Well, that was until I found Fake Name Generator.

What Fake Name Generator Does



Video Training for FileMaker 11

Lynda.com has always been one of my favorite places to check out software and get some quality online training and tutorials.  They just posted a new video course for FileMaker’s latest release of it’s flagship product FileMaker Pro. Cris Ippolite does a great job explaining the new features of FileMaker 11 and instructing the viewer about how to build (more…)

Possible Dangers When Working On a LIVE Database

If you have never been warned about the dangers of working on schema and structure changes on a LIVE FileMaker database…here is a really good example for why you should NOT be doing such craziness. While I considered writing something up, Chad does a great job showing (more…)