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Generating Sample Data for Testing

Throughout the process of developing a solution, testing each aspect of your file is vital.  For me, the problem I always used to run into, was generating enough sample data to properly test my scripts, calculations and performance.  Well, that was until I found Fake Name Generator.

What Fake Name Generator Does



Are you a Rockstar or are you a Superhero?

Frequently, on my journey of knowledge, I encounter articles that fascinate me…I came across one when it popped up in Google Reader this morning. It’s trivial, but it hit me as a very important distinction. As a FileMaker developer, are you a Rockstar or are you a Superhero?

Jason Thomas of Skeleton Key brought up this question is his blog. (Read the full article here) Jason points out the reason Skeleton Key hires only Superheros and NO Rockstars. I have to agree with him, Rockstars may have their fans, but it seems always for the wrong reasons. And the arrogance that goes along with many Rockstars, isn’t usually good for business.

Here is Jason’s contrasting comparison of Superheros and Rockstars: (more…)