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Video Training for FileMaker 11

Lynda.com has always been one of my favorite places to check out software and get some quality online training and tutorials.  They just posted a new video course for FileMaker’s latest release of it’s flagship product FileMaker Pro. Cris Ippolite does a great job explaining the new features of FileMaker 11 and instructing the viewer about how to build effective database solutions.

Edit:  The link to free 24-hour pass has been removed.  The offer is no longer valid at Lynda.com.

From the Lynda.com Blog:

In FileMaker Pro 11 Essential Training, Cris Ippolite demonstrates the principal features and functions of this popular database software, including creating tables and relationships, managing fields and records, and working with layouts. The course shows FileMaker developers how to find, sort, and share data as well as how to create reports, calculations, and scripts. It also covers brand new features in FileMaker Pro 11 such as the Inspector tool, charting, and portal filtering.


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